To the west side of Tibbohton and overlooked by a thatched cottage is the home of Dudley Dagins. A retired station master, his perfectly appointed ‘railway’ garden, sits straddling the station he once served. Trains still depart on a regular basis, but generally to Tibbohton time and not Greenwich.

A short walk away, you will reach East Tibbohton. Hidden from the outside world, this charming little place contains the very distant relatives of Dudley. All appears quiet, but step a little closer and life begins to twitch. The dodgy electricity supply, generated by Oglesby’s windmill is apparent throughout. Berthilda’s chimney in continuous need of being swept, the washing blowing in the wind, and the out of bounds toilet!

Picket fences embrace each home, with charming little gardens, full of herbs, flowers and shrubs..

Wonky brick chimneys pierce through the grasses and vegetation on each of the humble dwellings, with the odd vegetable plot trying to grow its produce, in the hope of escaping the mouths of numerous rabbits. The curious movement of a curtain and faint voices from within show that there is much life in these mounds.

Tibbohton Fact File

Tib-boh: A small Cornish person, likely decendant of the Cornish Pixie, but far more hardy, standing around 3 feet tall. Very likely to be a reversed Hobbit!  Happy and industrious.

Dudley Dagins: Retired StationMaster

Demelza Portendorfer: Pottery maker

Oglesby Woodbeed: Eccentric Inventor

Maida Nithercott: Maker of Jams and pickles