Is the World’s Biggest Wooden Plant Tub in Cornwall?


This may be one of the most bizarre records ever attempted but here at Hidden Valley Discovery Park and Landscape Gardens, visitors are being greeted by the sight of a massive wooden structure that might just make its way into the Guinness Book of Records.

Construction on the five metre high wooden plant tub started in May outside the main entrance and, due to its size, is planted out with tree species such as weeping willows, elders, Japanese maples and sweet gum.

Pete Jones, owner of the park says “This year we decided to embrace Cornwall’s garden culture and start establishing six individual gardens within the park for visitors to enjoy. We finished our first, the traditional cottage garden, at the beginning of the season and I then had a crazy idea one night to build the world’s biggest plant tub that would create the “wow” factor when our visitors arrived at the main entrance. So the next morning piles of wood arrived and I spent two weeks sawing, screwing and painting!”

The powers that be at the Guinness World Records can take up to 12 weeks to verify the record but according to Pete there are no other tubs this big anywhere else around the globe.

To marvel at the giant wooden tub, visitors can pop in and see it for free as it’s just near the entrance to the park.

As featured on PirateFM