Moriarty’s Missions (6 BULBS to light)

Six tough challenges for older kids and adults that will test your reflexes and stretch your mind. If you’re up for some ingenious brain teasers then enter the Forbidden Mansion and defeat Moriarty!


The Challenge

On your arrival you’ll be given an ingenious card that allows you access to the missions which are hidden within the Forbidden Mansion. Will you crack the codes and solve the conundrums? Just remember as the tension mounts the clock is ticking….

The BIG light bulb challenge

With each completed mission your card will record the result. The aim is to try and achieve all 6 missions. Take your card to the BIG light bulb display at the end and see if you can light all 6 bulbs. Achieve all of the Sherlock Holmes trail to light up a further 3 bulbs.

Don’t Forget

questionmarkThese missions require a cool head, so work as a team and read the instructions carefully. You’re going to need all the help you can get!