The Indiana Trail (1 BULB to light)

New clues from 28th March 2020

Get out in the fresh air and start off with our easiest detective trail. Great fun for younger kids, who’ll have a blast chasing around outdoors



The Challenge (3 parts)

Cross the wooden bridge, scramble over grassy banks and through the forest, following a rope trail through the trees where you’ll find all kinds of secret shapes, mystery characters and a magic number hidden on a label. If you complete all 3 parts, you will be rewarded with a limited edition Hidden Valley Indiana Badge.

Part 1

Write down all the names of the mystery objects. Ten in total. They might be animals, famous landmarks etc

Part 2

Each label contains a secret letter. Ten in total. Rearrange all the letters to reveal a mystery word.

Part 3

Each label contains a number. Add up all the numbers as you go. Take notice though, there may be a special number instruction on the label telling you to do something rather than add a number. As an added bonus, tap your final total into the BIG light bulb challenge display and see if you can light the Indiana bulb.

Don’t Forget!

You’ll be getting active outdoors so good walking shoes are essential, and it’s a good idea to bring a pen or pencil to write your answers down. Due to the nature of the trail terrain, pushchairs and wheeled devices are not suitable.

Untitled design (12)“It’s a great mix of technology and outside fresh air and space so will please all. Can’t wait to visit again at some point this season, good job guys”.

Grenville from Par