Hidden Valley and its Landscape Gardens

Hidden Valley is branching out introducing some specially landscaped gardens

These gardens will be brand new and of course will need years to grow and mature. However clever design will hopefully show, right from these early stages, a promising future for all our gardens.

The first garden is now open and is a classic Cottage Garden.  Perched on a slight hill sits the very pretty Tanglewood Cottage. Reached by only a little stone bridge, the perfectly appointed thatched cottage looks out across beds of herbaceous flowers, grass lawns and a peaceful garden pond with a dancing fountain.

This year we will be opening our second garden called The Folly Garden. It will be fully open in June this year. Visitors will cross a newly constructed bridge spanning the railway lines, then through a stone arch where they will be able to explore the Folly ruin.

Our gardens are designed to allow guests to enjoy the more peaceful side of Hidden Valley and be clue and puzzle free!