Forbidden Mansion


The Mad Professor is away.. dare you enter?

The Forbidden Mansion is bigger than it appears possible from the outside – and a million magical miles from your average abode. Open the door – if you dare. The Mad Professor is away, so sneak in and explore his weird and wonderful world.

Make your way to the grand staircase and to a galleried landing where framed portraits seem to be watching you. Discover the cook’s kitchen with its secret entrance through the bread oven; and the boiler room has only one exit… but where is it? As you discover a labyrinth of secret passageways and hidden doors nothing is what it seems. A perspective bending corridor gets narrower and lower as you stoop to reach its end. You can walk on the ceiling and look up at the floor in the upside-down room and try to find your way out of the “room of doors”, but how??

It is all crazy fun and you can’t help but get swept along in the surrealism of The Forbidden Mansion

Untitled design (10)

Untitled design (12)“Not just for children! As two 60 somethings, we really enjoyed the Mansion, only one way in and one way out with intriguing puzzles to solve en route. Outside is an excellent beech hedge maze, a cottage garden, small railway and 2 further puzzle trails. Finish off with a cream tea with scones made by the owners mum! What’s not to like?”

Gill from Nailsworth