Welcome to Hidden Valley Discovery Park:  CLOSED

Cornwall’s ‘hidden gem’ attraction that’s great entertainment for everyone

Due to Coronavirus Hidden Valley will remain closed until further notice.

Coronavirus update: See News

The Puzzliest place in Cornwall is just the start

Hidden Valley is full of puzzles, mystery, missions and secrets. All waiting for you to discover. A truly extraordinary experience for everyone.

Discovery and exploration is the game, whether you chose our intriguing outside trails;   the fast pace fun of Moriarty’s Missions or simply to explore the park and discover an unfolding kaleidoscope of uniquely landscaped grounds.

The mysterious Forbidden Mansion hides weird and wonderful rooms, secret passageways and the challenging Moriarty’s Missions. Take a train ride around the park on the Porterswick Junction Light Railway, with its bridges, cuttings and a snaking tunnel.

Tibbohton, an enchanting secret place, with little houses, paths, colourful gardens and some quirky goings on!

Our Restaurant serves delicious meals, cream teas and mouth-watering cakes , and a great range of gifts and curiosities can be found in our gift shop.